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Kwame Audition

Kwame Asafo-Adjei is looking for two artists for a project around the stimulus ‘Ugly’ available between October 4th – November 24th as well as in January.


Labour being at the forefront of an artist’s life, he propels himself into his work in order to excel l achieving his short term goal, at the pinnacle of his career, the pandemic hits and he is forced to reflect on his wants and needs. Undergoing a spiritual journey within the confines of his four walls, he is left to dissect the choice he has made. Looking at the construct of society, the texture is identified as tension and release. Encompassing this as a stimulus, Kwame looks at the word “ugly” by unfolding the relationship between the artists versus the establishment, he aims to discover a form of language which can narrate this journey, to inform the audience.

Kwame is looking for artist’s that are very open, that have contemporary and Hip Hop understanding. Focusing on the stimulus “Ugly” we aim to depict the texture of what this represents which will encompass Krump and Popping influence, and very intense movement. Artists must also be floor work savvy and able to understand script work, acting and dialogue. A quick hint would be “the trick to acting is not to act” but rather to be.

Kwame will be choosing two artist from the audition, who will need to be available from 4th October – 24th of November and for possible tour beginning in January. Please bring an open mind, water and knee pad.


Audition 5 & 6 June 2021

Respond before May 28th to audition@clubguyandroni.nl with CV & motivation letter



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