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All big stories start with a little story. And almost all world conflicts are caused by disappointment or pain.

Now that the tensions between the Western and the Arab world, between Islam, Judaism and Christianity are increasing, the Noord Nederlands Toneel (NNT), Club Guy & Roni and Asko | Schönbergs K [h] AOS take the theater visitor to how it all started: a father who does not know how to show his father’s love, and two brothers who are driven apart. The story of Abraham, played by Jack Wouterse. Director Guy Weizmanbrings great, religious and social conflicts back to human stories about love, regret, jealousy and pain.


Fikry El Azzouzi


Guy Weizman


Roni Haver


Ascon de Nijs


Slavna Martinovic

Kostuum ontwerp

David Dramm

Muzikale leiding


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