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Friday 29th of May: Dance + Film in the NITE HOTEL.

Interactive online talk show in which experts and artists watch and discuss short dance films with the audience. An evening about the exciting interdisciplinary combination of dance + film and the opportunities it brings for new makers.

How does a dance film differ from a dance performance in the creative process and viewing experience? How do you get a film produced and shown as a new maker? Through its abstraction, dance on film provides a completely new art form that challenges dancers and choreographers (and filmmakers) in their own way to question their own discipline.

We discuss this with four artists related to Club Guy & Roni / Noord Nederlands Theater: ensemble members Adam Peterson and Veerle van Overloop, former Club Guy & Roni dancer and choreographer Dunja Jocic and former Poetic Disasters Club member Ada Daniele. Gemma Jelier (Korzo Producties) and Miel van Teijlingen (juryvoorzitter BNG Theaterprijs) will shine a light on the position of new artists in the field of dance. ⁠

> The Mirror⁠
Gijs Kerbosch (100% Halal) + Club Guy & Roni⁠

> One Million People and Me⁠
Adam Peterson (Club Guy & Roni) + Veerle van Overloop (SHELFISH productions)⁠

> Bird⁠
Dunja Jocic + Marinus Groothoff⁠

Everyone can watch along on Zoom for the old-fashioned feeling of togetherness or watch anonymously in the NITE Hotel.


Fri 29 May 20:00


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