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FridayNITE 29th of March

FridayNITE is a weekly stage for experimental art at Bloemstraat 38 in Groningen. By Noord Nederlands Toneel + Club Guy & Roni. Open every Friday evening from 18:30.

• Music by Radko • Music by Leroy Se Meurt • Theater by Eline Arbo •

• Radko •
One of two ‘Enfant Terrible’ acts of the evening. An Italian blend of post/cold wave and shoegaze. Nostalgic and modern at the same time.

• Leroy Se Meurt •
France duo with a background in electronics and punk. Old school EBM fused with fierce elektro.

• RAW IV: Zwart Water • (NL spoken)
There’s a swimming pool in our theater. Because a group of rich kids will meet a group of second generation migrant children. A raw and experimental piece about friendships and chances. By Eline Arbo.

Doors open 18:30
Fries & Salad at 19:00
Play from 19:30 till +/- 20:30
Music after 20:30

Tickets are 5 euros. Doors to the theater room close during the theater performance so please be on time.

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