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Ntjam Rosie

“Many people know Winnie Mandela as a freedom fighter and as Nelson Mandela’s wife, but she was also a mother – a family woman. Throughout all of the turbulent years, she raised her daughters alone without her husband by her side. Her soft, warm side – the motherly side – draws me to her. She was a people person; she started out as a social worker and always found it important to improve the situation of others. It is very logical that she later followed a political path.

We present her in many different ways. Just like every person, she had many facets. We are all layered. You are not just a mother, or actress, or someone’s sister; you are always many things. Although Winnie is, of course, a brave, tough woman and a fighter, she also has sides in which everyone can see themselves. Everyone feels pain and sadness; we all experience things in life, albeit that one experience may be more dramatic than the other. In the end, we all want the same thing: that things go well for us and our environment, and that we are free and are not seen as less than human.”

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