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Mahina Ngandu

Actress and singer

Singer/ actress/ all-around artist
“The rehearsals are really crazy. You are confronted with yourself in an extreme way; sometimes you have to laugh, other times you have to cry, and sometimes you get angry. It is a rollercoaster – an emotional bootcamp.

I was born in Brussels and grew up there. My family is from the Congo, but I have never been there. I almost never say that I am Congolese because I feel that I am then labeled immediately. I believe that the physical body is one expression of the soul, and I am proud of where I am from, but on a deeper level, it isn’t important. We are all individuals, and we all live this life.

That is also clear in this production: we are nine black women, but we are so diverse! Within our individuality there is also a lot of diversity. All facets should have the chance to be shown. I am very curious to see how people will react. I hope that the performance makes an impact and pushes people to think.”

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