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Beau Delwel


She dances because dance is the love of her life. It’s the language in which she prefers to communicate. She likes movements that are perfectly executed, but she also sees them as a way to express something; every movement has a meaning, conveys an emotion, or tells a story. Dance is always an interplay between body and soul.

Beau Delwel is currently the only Dutch member of the PDC. She studied at Codarts in Rotterdam; here, she first followed the secondary education trajectory for dance and music and then completed the HBO (Higher Vocational Education) program. During her studies, Club Guy & Roni came to Codarts for a collaborative performance. Beau immediately felt comfortable with the dancers and at home in what was asked of her. After her training at Codarts she first did an internship with the Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam, and was finally ready for this opportunity: she auditioned for the Poetic Disasters Club and was successful.

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