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Mohamedou in the Netherlands

04 01 2022 ,1MIN
Mid November last year, the Dutch government finally allowed Mohamedou Ould Slahi to travel to the Netherlands!

Extra Covid restrictions until December 19th

27 11 2021 ,1MIN
Due to restrictions against the spreading of the corona virus, we are forced to cancel FREEDOM, Club Guy & Roni Invites and BEFORE/AFTER in the period of November 28th until December 19th.⁠

NPO - Danshuis documentary

01 11 2021 ,1MIN
During the various lockdowns, dance houses are the only place where dancers and makers can still work together. What do these dance houses look like behind closed doors and how do they function?

No Freedom for Mohamedou Ould Slahi

26 10 2021 ,1MIN
After six months of processing the VISA application of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, The Netherlands and its institutions have not yet been brave enough to grant Mohamedou his freedom, all in the name to ‘protect’ ours.⁠

Maison The Faux wins Gieskes-Strijbis Fund!

21 09 2021 ,1MIN
Yesterday Maison the FAUX won the Gieskes-Strijbis fund 2021! CONGRATULATIONS TESSA AND JORIS! 💛

Casting call MAISON the FAUX

14 09 2021 ,2MIN
MAISON the FAUX is looking for you! We are looking for performers to join us in various upcoming projects, one of which is a large performance we will create in Groningen for NITE in the period from the 16th of May until the 24th of June.

Interview with Martijn Halie

06 07 2021 ,9MIN
"The NITE Hotel is not a corona project, a temporary substitute for real theater, but an enduring new art form that brings with it many new possibilities." 

The Drunk Ones

30 06 2021 ,3MIN

Is this complicated world easier to handle after having poured down a couple of glasses? Do the big questions and problems become manageable when looking at them through dazed senses? “What’s it all for?” Awardwinning director Eline Arbo takes on these questions in The Drunk Ones, the eponymous theatre film presented in the NITE Hotel in June 2020.

The Drunken Ones

Free Delivery

11 05 2021 ,1MIN
Try before you buy!
NITE Delivery

International Summer Program

07 05 2021 ,1MIN
Our International Summer Tour:

Order your NITE Delivery

09 03 2021 ,1MIN
NITE Delivery now available!
NITE Delivery

Uncle Vanya goes online!

27 11 2020 ,2MIN
The cast of theatre production Uncle Vanya presents an online theatre film, from 14 to 20 December on demand on the online stage of the NITE Hotel.
Uncle Vanya

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