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NITE delivery

09 02 2021 ,1MIN
NITE Delivery will start in April. For 8 weeks we bring NITE art from 16 different artists to your home.

Uncle Vanya goes online!

27 11 2020 ,2MIN
The cast of theatre production Uncle Vanya presents an online theatre film, from 14 to 20 December on demand on the online stage of the NITE Hotel.
Uncle Vanya

New corona measures

16 10 2020 ,1MIN
We are consulting with the theatres about our touring performances.

Lotte Dunselman nominated for the Theo d'Or

14 09 2020 ,1MIN
Our Polish Bride Lotte Dunselman has been nominated for the Theao dór - the price for the most impressive, supporting role.
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01 07 2020 ,1MIN
Prepare for 24 hours of theatre, dance and music!
24-hour Global Art Carrousel for Doctors Without Borders

FridayNITE with Salam

06 05 2020 ,1MIN
All big stories start small.
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NITE NIGHTS - Timetable

28 04 2020 ,1MIN
The timetable for NITE NIGHTS is now available.
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21 04 2020 ,1MIN
New performances made in Corona-times
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FridayNITE with Phobia

20 04 2020 ,1MIN
Sign up now for the context program and live stream of Phobia by Club Guy & Roni, Slagwerk Den Haag and ENKNAPGROUP
FridayNITE: Phobia

FridayNITE with Brave New World 2.0

16 04 2020 ,1MIN
Get free access and sign up now.
FridayNITE with Brave New World 2.0

NITE classes

06 04 2020 ,3MIN
NITE CLASSES Free online classes from the Club Guy & Roni + Noord Nederlands Toneel + NITE-ensemble, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during your lunchbreak at 13:00 (CEST).

BEFORE/AFTER cancelled until April 6

12 03 2020 ,1MIN
We were ready to perform, but unfortunately the try-outs, opening night and other performance until April 6 of BEFORE/AFTER are cancelled. Due to restrictions against spreading of the corona virus, we and the theatres of Groningen and Amersfoort are forced to cancel the performances. If you’ve already bought tickets, the theatre will contact you. Therefore you don’t have to call or mail the theatre yourself. Thanks in advance for giving our colleagues time to contact all the spectators of the planned peformances until April 6.

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