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Mission + Vision

Theatre becomes more sexy, urgent and topical.

Because of this a big theatre-company like NNT stages productions which are relevant for a broad and modern audience. About people who try to find a hold and structure in a chaotic world. Exciting performances which make new connections between art disciplines, between art and the world, between makers and audiences and audiences mutually. In Groningen and other theatres through the Netherlands where NNT performs, places are created where audiences feel at home and part of the making process, even though they just as often get shaken as comforted.
Theatre can’t exist in a social vacuum. It needs to do something with all changes around itself. Actually it has to leave doors wide open to let these developments in, to make new connections and engage with audiences about social changes.


Yearly Reports

Yearly report 2019

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Yearly report (NITE) 2018

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