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We close the second season of FridayNITE with famous artist and cult musician Dick Verdult

Dick is seen as an outsider, as ‘the last Dada-ist’. His work revolves around surprises and accidents that originate from the encounter of cultures. He has become a cult musician in South America, Russia and Japan and is increasingly recognized internationally as a visual artist. We will enjoy Verdult’s multidisciplinary art practice with an ‘experimental Cumbias’ performance. This new genre of music is strongly inspired by Cumbia, the complex, rhythmic music that originates from the Colombian Atlantic coast. You will dance, sing, and strongly consider to move to South America afterwards. Great!!!

Support by Jaap van der Velde & Elias Elgersma + Sjors Hogerdijk

Doors open 18:30
Fries & Salad (OP=OP) 19:00
Start program 19:30
Tickets are 5 euros
FREE entrance for Minerva students. Show your student card. 

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